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This is the story of trials and tribulations a young lady has undergone in her search for truth. Manisha is thirteen when her parents have committed suicide. Krupa, their servant, is the cause. From her childhood she has been learning that ‘Good’ wins over ‘Evil’. But opposite is the result in her parents’ case. Which one of the two is true? For this she has intended to undertake a search. Her plan is to marry a person who is more evil than Krupa and start her search. In case of her victory over him, she would take that to be the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’ and vice versa. She has found such suitability in Kumar, the son of Uncle Shyam and, ultimately, got married to him. Kumar has a previous grudge against Manisha. So when he has found her as his wife, he wants to teach her a lesson. In his bid to do that he is degrading himself deeper and deeper. Kumar’s financial soundness has deteriorated in proportion to his degradation. One day he has asked Manisha to entertain the bank manager for obtaining a loan to which she has disagreed. As a measure of revenge he attempts to kill her by pushing her into a precipice, but falls himself into it instead. Kumar’s sudden death has rendered Manisha’s search inconclusive. So she is in need of another candidate for her search. Her eyes fall on the photo of Bighneswar one day. He is the ‘Big Boss’ of the city of C….. . She approaches Bighneswar with her proposal. His reply is a ‘denial’. But when Bighneswar has come to know that Manisha is planning to marry Nandi, his rival, he has accepted her proposal and married her. Gang war between Bighneswar and Nandi is at its peak then. Manisha has nothing to do with the business of Bighneswar. She spends most of her time in reading. Every time Bighneswar comes to his living-room, he finds her with a book in her hand. This has a telling effect on him. So when ‘Truce’ is proposed by Nandi, he accepts it contrary to the expectation of all. The war is over. On the suggestion of her husband Manisha has engaged herself in the work of rehabilitation. She has visited different hospitals and the houses of deceased. She tries her level best to assuage their suffering. She is so much engrossed in her work that she rarely finds time to meet her husband. This causes great alarm to Bighneswar. He advises her to be practical in life. In answer to a remark of Bighneswar that she is exposing herself to destruction, Manisha has said, “You were unnecessarily perturbed. Nobody can be the cause of ruin of another.” She has further stated that neither torture can earn her consent to the work she has no liking for nor inducement can seduce her. Manisha’s reply has allayed the fear of Bighneswar. He has said, “I’m proud to be your husband, to be your companion and, moreover, to be defeated in your hand.” Manisha’s joy knows no bounds. She declares, “This day is a great day for us both. This is neither my victory nor your defeat. This is the victory of us both. This is the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. Let’s celebrate this day.” Saying so she has hugged him and he has hugged her in turn and they spend a great while in embracing each other. From that day onwards wherever they go, they go hand in hand and whatever they do, they do in close co-operation. Manisha is a great lover of solitude and for this she visits the pine forest on the other side of the city. In the silence of forest the thought of beginning of a school takes root. One day she has seen this author at the other end of the forest. An inner voice tells her to offer me the responsibility of her project. But she has become the victim of Parsu’s bullet before she can meet me. Her husband has pleaded her case and won me over. Some days later Bighneswar has, also, become target of Parsu. ‘Vidya Niketana’ is Manisha’s dream school. I turn the entire story over in my mind lest I leave anything unsaid while delivering my speech on the occasion of the ‘Foundation Day’ of ‘Vidya Niketana’.

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