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Formerly, prior to my father’s time, my forefathers were very famous. They were the landlords of our village then. Not a single leaf dared to shake without their permission. Such was their fame. With the passage of time, that renown had deteriorated and made us ordinary by the time of my birth. So I have been brought up in the surrounding of a lower middle-class family. There is nothing extraordinary in my educational qualification so as to make me boastful in that regard. I am, simply, a law graduate. Ten years back I have shifted my place of residence to the city of ‘CUTTACK’ to begin my law practice in the High-Court of our province and have been residing in this city since then. Though my law practice has no such charm, the city itself has a charm of its own which has induced me not to return back to my native village. Notwithstanding my ordinary upbringing, ordinary education and my failure in law practice, I am an avid reader of English literature since my childhood. The ordinariness of my life must have instilled in me this extraordinary reading habit. Place a book of any sort in my hand and I’ll forget the whole world instantly. This interest has encouraged me to go for writing a novel. “MIHIRABALA” is my debut novel.

My First Post

At the very outset I would like to thank for enabling me to create  my blog. As I am new to this adventure, I may falter sometimes. I entreat co-operation from every corner. Rest assured that my future blogs … Continue reading

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